Senior Amateur Championship 2017 Updated December 27, 11:38 am


May 17 - 19, 2017 (Wednesday - Friday)


El Dorado Park- May 17
Skylinks- May 18
Recreation Park- May 19


Entry Fee

Includes: green fees, tee prize, meal tickets, and prize fund

Entry Deadline

Monday, May 8, 2017
Late entries will be accepted if the tournament is not full subject to a $25 additional fee. Please note: For any late registrations, there is no guarantee of receiving this year's tournament shirt.
ELIGIBILITY: Men amateur golfers who are 50 years old on or before May 17, 2017. Must have a one-year established handicap using 12 month LI (low index) to play for net awards. You may play in your age flight for gross awards without an established handicap.
FORMAT: 54 holes of stroke play. Championship flight: to 2.9 LI, all gross prizes. Four age flights:
50-59 years old (A); 60-64(B); 65-69(C); 70+(D) net and gross prizes.
Anyone with a 2.9 LI or lower must play in the Championship flight. All others may request to play in the championship flight, if desired.
PAIRINGS/STARTING TIMES: Pairings will be posted on our website on Wednesday, May 10. Pairings and reults will be available on this website only, no mailings.
Times could change depending on number of entries in each flight:
Championship Flight, and Age Flights: 50-59, 60-64
Times: Wed., May 17: 7-9 am
Thurs., May 18: 12:00-2:00
Age Flights:  65-69 & 70+
Times: Wed., May 17: 12:00 - 2:00
Thurs., May 18: 7-9 am
Friday times (by gross score within flight) for Flights A-D will be determined after the entry
deadline. Championship Flight will play in the afternoon wave.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Tournament Office (562) 570-8163; Fax: (562) 570-1274