LBO Policies and General Information

American Golf and the City of Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation & Marine are pleased to welcome you to the 30th Annual Long Beach Open Golf Tournament, July 26-29, 2018 at El Dorado Park and Skylinks Golf Courses.

American Golf has guaranteed this year's purse at $175,000. Their generous contributions over the years demonstrate their desire to make this the best independent professional event in the United States. In addition to the guaranteed purse, the tournament features a discounted practice round at each course, food & beverages for the players, complimentary range balls during the tournament and other amenities.


The Long Beach Open is open to all professional golfers, and to 12 amateurs that have earned exemptions through the Long Beach Golf Festival’s qualification standards.

The Long Beach Open will be 72 holes of stroke play, held July 26-29, 2018.

After 36 holes, the field will be cut to 60 professionals and ties and 6 amateurs and ties after 36 holes. The amateurs do not count in the professional cut.  If such a cut includes more than 70 professionals, there will also be a 54-hole cut to 60 professionals and 6 amateurs and ties. 


Entry fee for professionals is $795. Registration may be done online at All standard entry fees may be paid by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, cash, check, cashier's check, or money order. Credit cards are the preferred method of payment. Players may also register by U.S. mail. To do so, please call the tournament office at (562) 570-8163 to have a registration form sent. If paying by check, the form and check must be received in the tournament office no later than July 12th. All returned checks will be turned over to a collection agency and are subject to a $50 handling charge in addition to any collection costs.  All Late Registrations will be subject to a $50 additional fee, and can only be paid with credit card, cashier's check, or cash. No personal checks will be accepted with a Late Registration.

If at any point prior to the tournament the field fills, we will create a Wait List. Players can place their name on the Wait List by contacting the tournament office by phone, or preferably by email. Please be aware that just leaving a voicemail at the tournament office does not guarantee that you have been placed on the Wait List.


  • Wednesday, July 18:  Deadline for entry forms

  • Thursday, July 19:  Preliminary Pairings posted on website and Long Beach Open tournament portal; Late Registration opens online if the tournament is not full

  • Sunday, July 22:  Late Registration closes

  • Monday, July 23:  Final Pairings posted on website and Long Beach Open tournament portal

  • Tuesday, July 24:  Player registration at El Dorado

  • Tuesday, July 24:  Practice rounds at El Dorado

  • Wednesday, July 25:  Practice rounds at Skylinks

  • Wednesday, July 25:  Long Beach Open Charity Pro-Am Tournament

  • Thursday, July 26:  First round at El Dorado & Skylinks

  • Friday, July 27:  Second round at El Dorado & Skylinks

  • Saturday, July 28:  Third Round at El Dorado Park

  • Sunday, July 29:  Final Round at El Dorado Park; Awards ceremony at approx. 3:00 p.m.


All players will play one round at each tournament course for their first two rounds. One of these rounds will be within the AM wave, whose tee times begin at 7:00 AM, and the other will be within the PM wave, whose tee times begin at 12:00 Noon. All players will remain within foursome for both Round 1 and Round 2. Pairings for Round 3 and Round 4 will be determined by aggregate 36- and 54-hole gross score, respectively.

Preliminary Pairings for Rounds 1 and 2 will be posted on July 19th on our website (, with Final Pairings posted on July 23rd. The same information will also be accessible through the Long Beach Open tournament portal, a link to which will be sent to all registered players at the close of Registration. Pairings for successive rounds will also appear on each of these online locations.

In the vast majority of cases, a player's tee time will not change between Preliminary and Final postings. In those instances in which a player's tee time is altered between the two postings, it will rarely be moved more than one tee time forward or back. Players will be contacted by a Festival staff member directly should the change in their tee time be moved materially.


Players who withdraw from the tournament prior to the close of regular Registration will receive a full refund, minus a service charge of $10. Players who withdraw after the close of regular Registration but prior to posting of Final Pairings will receive a full refund, minus a service charge of $50. Players who withdraw after the posting of Final Pairings but prior to the first day of the event will receive a full refund, minus a service charge of $75, only if they are replaced in the field. Players that do not appear for their tee time, are disqualified, or who withdraw after 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, July 25th will not receive a refund. In cases of sickness, injury, or family emergency, a player may petition for a full refund, minus a $50 service charge – final determination will be made by the Tournament Committee. No refunds will be granted for injury or illness sustained at the course during the days of the tournament.

ALL withdrawals must be received in writing, either by fax or by email to in order to qualify for a refund. The time stamp of the email or fax will be used to determine the amount of refund due, if any, per the policy delineated in the previous paragraph. Withdrawals attempted by calling the Long Beach Golf Festival office and leaving a voicemail will NOT be considered valid.


Player check-in and registration for the tournament will take place from 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM at El Dorado on Tuesday, July 24th, the official practice day at that site. Please note that, unlike in previous years, registration will only take place on that one day. Players that cannot make it to El Dorado on the 24th, must otherwise check in with tournament officials at Tournament Headquarters prior to their first round.

Player packages will include a money clip, which serves as their ID for the week.  Please wear this on your belt or hat any time you are on the driving range or putting green. These are public courses, which have been closed during the tournament, and in order to enforce this, player IDs must be displayed.


Practice round dates are Tuesday, July 24th at El Dorado, and Wednesday, July 25th at Skylinks. In order to receive preferred tee times for your practice round, it is strongly recommended that you schedule them no later than July 15th. Preferred tee times cannot be guaranteed after that date. Players may schedule their practice rounds at any time after registering for the tournament as follows:

  1. Call El Dorado & Skylinks Golf Courses directly.  The number for El Dorado is 562-430-5411, ext. 2; the number for Skylinks is 562-421-3388, ext. 2.

  2. Inform them that you are playing in the Long Beach Open and that you would like to obtain a practice round time. If it is after July 15th, they will make every effort to assign you a practice round time based on what you ask for and what is available at the time you call.  If you desire to play with someone specific, please have one player call for all in their group. 
  3. As an entrant in the Long Beach Open, you are entitled to reduced green fee practice rounds on the designated practice round days.  Once again this year, we have negotiated with the City of Long Beach a reduced LBO rate of $20 for one greens fee and one bucket of range balls.

Please observe this procedure for obtaining practice round times. As an entrant in the Long Beach Open you are entitled to practice rounds on the designated days, but if you have not scheduled a tee time in advance you should expect to be put on a waiting list to play when you arrive. For any rounds played other than on official practice round days, you will be expected to pay the regular green fees.

Please note that the El Dorado course and practice range are closed on Wednesday, July 25th for the Long Beach Open Charity Pro-Am. Upon the conclusion of the Pro-Am, the practice putting greens and short game areas will be open to registered Long Beach Open competitors.


Carts are allowed for players only (at player’s expense). A maximum of 2 carts per group will be permitted. The golf cart rental terms and conditions are governed by the golf courses themselves, and not by the Long Beach Open or the Long Beach Golf Festival. Spectator carts will not be allowed during the tournament, with the sole exception being that of carts requested due to physical handicaps. In those instances, a Disabled Spectator Cart agreement must be obtained from a tournament staff member and returned to the onsite Tournament Headquarters along with proof of disability (e.g. a handicapped driver hangtag, placard, etc.) The handicapped spectator will then be given a golf cart placard to bring to the golf shop when securing a cart rental.


Caddies are allowed, but players are reminded that individuals designated as caddies are therefore subject to the USGA Rules of Golf. Specifically, a rules violation by a caddie is the same as a rules violation by their player.


All players must wear appropriate professional golf attire. Players may not wear shorts, tank tops, tee shirts or jeans. Caddies may wear golf shorts, but they must wear collared shirts.


Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated. Abusive or vulgar language or club throwing may result in disqualification. Misrepresentation of ability level could result in disqualification with no refund, at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.


The winner of the 2018 Long Beach Open will receive $33,000. All players who successfully complete 72 holes are guaranteed a minimum of $795. If a secondary cut is triggered, all players who successfully complete 54 holes but do not make the secondary cut will receive $500. All players who successfully complete 36 holes and make the cut, but do not successfully complete 54 holes due to injury or illness will receive $400.

The 1st- 3rd place winners will be mailed their checks within 5 working days.  All other participants who have earned prize money will receive their checks by mail within 2-3 weeks.